When we saw the former DC West Middle School, we knew there was a special purpose just waiting for this mid-century structure that echoes generations of families, changes in technology, and community growth. We felt led to pursue an opportunity to breath new life into a space that is well-loved, and see it continue to THRIVE.



Our mission is to combine work and play to form a hive of innovation and inspiration, fostering continued growth and community connectedness.


We also believe that as we all work towards success as individual people or companies, that we THRIVE in a community network. That is why we are developing shared spaces including a coffee bar, fitness facility, game room, and lounge area.

The building aesthetic already supports learning, friendship, fun, and collaboration. We have taken Thrive Space to the next level and given the building some much needed updates while honoring its past.


Thrive Space is working to accommodate small to large businesses, solo entrepreneurs, remote workers, those needing temporary to a permanent office or desk space, athletic clubs and groups, and those looking for unique and fun off-site meeting space.

We are designing spaces to be flexible to meet the wide range of needs for any profession from attorneys to cosmetologists, twenty person accounting firms to solo start-up companies.

THRIVE in a community network!

THRIVE in a community network!